Other items to consider adding to your monument:


Ceramic Portraits -
Modern technology has made it possible to further personalize monuments by personal portraits.  The addition of a ceramic portrait mounted on stone or bronze can immortalize the memory of a lost loved one.

These portraits can be made in various sizes and can include a frame or frame & cover for privacy.  We have partnerships with companies in Canada and Italy that produce these high quality ceramic photos at an affordable price.

These portraits carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage, even when caused by vandalism.  The ceramic portrait company will replace them for a small charge to cover the shipping cost.

Ceramic photos are a great way to customize any monument, marker or bronze and make a lasting impression for the family.  They can be mounted on stone or bronze memorials.


Vases & Urns -
There are many different options when it comes to choosing the vases that are right for your memorial.  We have vases in all sizes, colors and shapes to match your memorial.

There are marble and granite vases in the round style, along with the square granite vases which can be engraved with different emblems.  Some of the more common emblems include family monograms, praying hands or wedding rings with the inscribed marriage date.

We also carry the complete line of  Metalcraft™ brand vases.  These vases are made of a strong titanium alloy and are nearly indestructible.  These vase are able to turn down and hide away from sight when not in use.  They can be mounted on the base of a monument or installed in a cement border in front of the monument.

If you are looking for a set of vases to add to an existing monument or for a new purchase, please stop by our showroom and take a look at our extensive vase display.

vase1 vase2

Hand & Laser Etching -
One of the latest technology advances to the stone industry is diamond or computer etching.  Etching can done in two different fashions.
The first way is using a diamond etch tool and a very talented artist.  The etching tool is used like a pencil and the artist literally scratches the design into the stone.  This method shows the creativity and uniqueness of each artist.

The other method is through machine equipped with a laser and computer scanning.  While this leaves out any customization of an artist this method is much more detailed when etching portraits from photographs.

Both methods leave a beautiful appearance on any of the black granite stones. And it is possible to add multiple colors to the etching although the coloring will begin to fade after several years and need to be redone. Please look through our Gallery to see some other great examples.

LASER_COLOR_200 etch1