There are four basic types of Monuments to consider:


Individual -
The individual monument is engraved with the same kind of personal information as used on a foot marker, such as names and dates, but is placed upright similar to a companion monument.

Just like the companion monument, the individual monument allows for more space for personalization and extra emblems.

We offer various styles and sizes, allowing you to pick the one that will best serve your needs and price range. These options include different colors, the addition of ceramic portraits, custom laser etching, and much more, allowing for each individual monument to truly reflect the life and loves of those being remembered.


Family -
Family monuments serve nearly the same function as do companion monuments. The only difference is the carving or engraving that is included on the face and backside of the monument.

Where companion monuments include the names, birth and death dates of those entombed, family monuments typically only display the family surname as well as some design elements such as symbolic carvings.

Family monuments are usually larger in size and can be used multiple grave plots. It is not unusual to see 3 and even 4 generations of family members buried in a family plot with one large family monument.

Family monuments are erected on large plots and then graves are identified by flat markers. This option allows each family member to have a stone that can be customized to reflect the life of the individual. Flat markers or larger grave ledgers are used for this purpose.

These family plots may also be enhanced with corner post markers engraved with the family initial or coping that creates a border around the entire plot.

Companion -
A companion monument is designed for two individuals, usually husband and wife, although sometimes they include children or siblings.

The monument is engraved with the personal information such as name and dates, which eliminates the need for flat markers, as well as emblems such as crosses and flowers to add some personalization.

We offer various types of styles and sizes of companion monuments. The best selection is one that fits your needs as well as your price range.

We have designed monuments ranging from the simple and tasteful to customized jobs that memorialize character or hobbies of a loved one who has been lost.

From different colors and design choices to etchings and ceramic portraits, you can choose a design that best reflects the life of those you wish to remember.

Wing Design -
Another great alternative to the traditional companion monument that is growing in popularity is the wing design monument. Wing monuments are made with two individual monuments mounted on a single base with a pedestal and vase between them.

The pedestal between the monuments is usually engraved with the family name, while the vase is carved with wedding rings and the couples marriage date.

For those who do not wish to have a pedestal, there is an option called a chamfer which is a cut out surface on the edge of the base allowing the family name to be engraved on it.


We offer many different shapes of wing monuments from the typical serpentine and half serpentine tops to custom cut shapes of the customers design.

Just like all of our monuments and markers, the wing design monument can be produced in any color granite that we carry. It can also be done in white marble which provides it with a more stately look. Please give us a call if you would like more information regarding wing style monuments.