There are four basic types of Markers to consider:


Flat or Grass -
We carry an extensive line of granite and marble markers. We carry various sizes for foot markers, single graves, double graves or can cut specialized granite pieces to fit any situation.

And with hundreds of design and engraving options, we can design a marker that captures the essence of the love one you are trying to remember.

All our stone engraving is done at our location in Statesville, which allows us to offer hundreds of different engravings, including custom engraving quickly and at incredible prices.


Markers can be made of any granite color you choose and can be designed with various options. Frosting and shape carving offer some distinct elements to any marker and our black granite colors offer the ability to include custom etchings on whatever size marker you choose.

So whether you are looking for a small foot marker to designate a mother or father's grave or a larger marker with a design and full inscription for a memorial of a loved one, call on us to meet your needs quickly and at an affordable price.

Beveled -
We carry various styles and colors of beveled markers. Similar to slants and flat grass markers, the bevel marker can be used as an alternative to the traditional upright monument.

Beveled markers are similar to the flat grass marker with the exception of the slight incline on the face. Generally a beveled marker ranges in height from 6" to 10" in the back and bevels down to 4" to 8" tall in the front giving the marker a slight sloping face.

Bevels are also installed several inches above the ground, which make them a better choice for those cemeteries that are frequently muddy.

Bevels can be used for a single grave or a longer bevel can be used for a companion marker. Bevels can also be mounted on granite bases or within cement borders to give the grave site a more finished look.

If you are looking for information concerning bevel markers or any other type of monuments please feel free to call us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.


Slant -
Slant markers are a great choice for those who want to have a marker more substantial than a grass or bevel marker. The slant marker allows for a greater area to be designed or engraved on and also provides greater visibility for those visiting the grave site.

A slant marker can be installed on the ground by itself as a lower cost option than a traditional upright. Or it can be mounted on a base for a more complete look. It also possible to mount vases on the base and give a very nice finished look.

slant1 slant3

Slants, like all of our other monument products, come in many colors, styles and designs and can be customized with ceramic photos, etchings, or other engravings.

Give us a call when you are ready to discuss all the options that are available and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Ledger -
A granite ledger is a unique monument choice which essentially covers the entire grave with a large granite stone, allowing for nearly any design choice you may wish to use.

Ledgers are available in many colors, styles and designs and can be customized with ceramic photos, etchings, or other engravings.